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How We Use Your Information

Honoring the Many is a place where people who have died from a substance-use-related cause in the U.S. can be honored and remembered. It is a free service hosted by SADOD (Support After a Death by Overdose), a project dedicated to helping people who are bereaved by a death from substance use, whether the manner of death is accidental overdose, suicide, homicide, medical complication, or some other kind of accident. All information is supplied by people who submit memorials: no information is verified by SADOD.

Each beloved person who is honored must have their information submitted by someone close to them (usually a family member because there is inherently a degree of responsibility associated with adding someone to the memorial). It is necessary for certain information to be submitted on behalf of every person who is featured on the Honoring the Many.

It is preferable that memorials include all of the items listed below. Items that are absolutely required are in dark purple type.
You must agree to this declaration: "By submitting this form, you are stating that substance use directly and substantially contributed to the person’s death, and that you have in good faith provided accurate information."
Your name, relationship to the deceased, and contact information This information is required so we have a record of who served as the source of information for each person memorialized—and so we can contact you if necessary about any information provided. No information about you is publicly displayed on the site.
Your permission to release—to anyone who requests it from us—your name and relationship to the person This is required so we can share with anyone who makes a request the name and relationship of the person who submitted the memorial. We do not share your contact information with anyone (unless we are required to do so by law).
Basic personal and demographic information about the deceased For example, name, date of birth, race, etc.
Memorial Statement Statements must adhere to the Community Guidelines.
Obituary You may share the Internet address or a PDF copy of the obituary, which will be accessible on the website.
Eulogy You may share the Internet address or a PDF copy of the eulogy, which will be accessible on the website.
Photograph The photo must show only the person.

People who die because of substance use deserve to be honored and remembered, and those left behind to mourn their loss deserve to know that they are not alone. The SADOD website is available to people if they find it helpful (please see About SADOD to learn more).

The memorial enables people to share a picture of their loved one, a memorial statement, a eulogy, and an obituary. It also includes basic information about the deceased person, and everything is searchable,so even though only a fraction of the people who die from substance use are honored here, the commonalities among those who have been lost can be highlighted.

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