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Nathan Cory Bickford

Jul 25, 1987 — Aug 15, 2018

Nathan passed away at age 31 in Boston, MA.

And just like that

From the land of the living

To the land of the departed

One door closed

And a gate opened

It’s hard to explain

My baby died

And so did something deep inside

Another mother would understand


This new dimension

Where loved ones swarm around us

As mystical creatures 


Stars in the sky

Snowflakes and  rain

Falling from heaven 

On delicate  flowers 

Stretching their heads toward the sun

Dropping  petals

Of remembrance

And seeds of hope


While out in the bog

Abuzz with new life

I walk

And watch

And listen

And wait

Eventually spotting 

A great blue heron

Majestically standing guard


He slowly pivets


As I move closer

And closer 

Taking his own sweet time

Before lift off

A sudden rush of movement And the sound of flapping wings

He tucks his feet back

And moves toward an unknown destination

And my heart soars with him

Grateful for another visit



With love forever from all of us; Mom, Dad, Jared, Caleb, JJ and Kaileigh (Chewie and Mae) ❤️

Obituary: Read now

Cause of death: Accidental Overdose

Submitted by: Kerry & Richard Bickford, mother

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